Fun for your pooch!


Our runs are indoor and climate controlled. With up to 26 feet of space for each run,
your kiddo will have plenty of space to romp around in while inside.

* We do not accept hand written vaccinations. All vaccinations must be administered by a DVM. If that is the only sort of vaccination record your vet can provide us with, please have them call us to verify the vaccinations verbally. We also do not accept Rabies tags. We must actually see documentation from your vet stating that your pet is current.

A: Yes, we cannot board dogs who are under 4 months of age. We also require a note from the vet for dogs that are 13 years of age.

A: Absolutely! When you bring in your pet, be sure to bring all medication in its original container, clearly marked with:

Dog’s first and last name

Name of medication and strength

Dosage per day and whether it has been administered the morning or afternoon of drop off.

Note that there is a $2.00/dose charge for medication.

A: We feed all dogs Hills Sensitive Stomach & Sensitive Skin dry food. If you choose to bring your own food you may do so, just make sure you bring feeding instructions with you the day you drop off.

A: Please allow 5-15 minutes for check in. If this is your first time with us, we should have already received your client agreement form and your pet’s current vaccination records. If you are a returning client, we will need to make sure all your information is current. Please have any feeding instructions, medications instructions, and/or other special instructions ready. This will help us make your check in go as smooth as possible.

A: Sure! Please feel free to bring a towel/mat, toys or additional treats for your pet’s stay with us. We do provide every dog with a bed of its own. We do ask that you not bring beds with stuffing, your own bowls or anything of value as items can get lost or misplaced.

A: Our play yard is equipped with an in-ground heated pool (which is seasonal), agility equipment, two gazebos, and toys galore. We have a trained daycare technician in the play yard with the dogs at all times for safety, a good game of fetch or a belly rub.

A: Tour hours are Monday through Friday from 10am until 3pm, and Saturday from 10am until 1pm.